Goddard Space Flight Center

Tour NASA Goddard Space Flight Center — April 19

Please email contact@williamblakeoto.org to RSVP and confirm attendance for tour. Join William Blake Lodge for a tour of the Goddard ...
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a golden chalice

EGC Training — March 23

Tau Asteria presents policies and practices surrounding Liber XV, the Gnostic Mass. A vital training for aspiring clergy! There is ...
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Photo of Lee Harrington

Lee Harrington at William Blake Lodge – April 26-28

Three Days of Initiatory Experience with Author and Spiritual and Erotic Authenticity Educator Lee Harrington - April 26-28, 2019 Register ...
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a gold chalice

Massapalooza – Oct 2019

Friday 18 October - Sunday 20 October, 2019 ...
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Local Wiccan Leader David Salisbury Featured in Washington Post!

Washington Post: Lifestyle This Life: For this witch, Wicca is about personal responsibility and growth David Salisbury started practicing witchcraft ...
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Zero = Two

Did you know that members of WBL are Active in posting articles for Zero = Two, the Official Blog of ...
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Who was William Blake?

Our Lodge is named after artist, writer, poet & mystic, William Blake, whose work provides a legacy reminding us that ...
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