Lilith Ritual (age 18+ only) – July 27


Eclectic Witch High Priest Crimson Corvus Luna will lead a Lilith Ritual followed by a potluck feast. This ritual focuses on Lilith’s invitation to fly free from the shackles of our physical world and man’s patriarchal laws, to embrace our full unbridled power and essence of expression. She challenges us to move beyond patriarchal power and convention, to honor our hearts’ desires and true nature as Divine. She asks you to be loyal to your own inner passion and make no compromise to your authentic self. Her wisdom and power challenge all that we know of our culture, yet she leads us into the re-emergence of the Goddess ways of joy, pleasure and love as the core guiding wisdom.

Please plan to wear black robes or all black formal wear.

Adults only! There will be nudity.

Please bring a dish for the potluck feast.
If you plan to imbibe, bring an adult beverage to share.

Please arrive no earlier than 4:30pm and no later than 4:50pm.
$10 admission; free for dues-current WBL members.

What is Afro-Cuban Orisha Worship? – July 13-14

A beautiful collection of ceremonial beads

Afro-Cuban Orisha Worship, or Lucumí, is an African diasporic religion that is rich in culture and beauty. The Orishas are like demi-godforms who interact with us here on earth and intercede for us with Olodumare or God as we journey through life. They teach us through stories and divination. We honor them in song and dance. Come join us at William Blake Lodge as Brother Jeren (an Olocha of 15 years) shares his knowledge of this practice and a bit of his own journey with the Orishas.

Saturday will begin with a small ceremony where we will ask the Ancestors for blessings as we open ourselves to learn about this dynamic practice. Afterward will be a group discussion of how we all incorporate the honoring of the Ancestors in our own practices, setting the tone for a look at some history about the Orishas in the New World and specifically Cuba. Throughout the day we will talk about the Orishas, their stories, cosmology, stories, divination, and, if there is time, some song and dance. How do any of these concepts correlate to Thelema? All of these discussions are welcome.

Sunday will be individual divination sessions for those from Saturday who are interested. Readings run about an hour, though sometimes longer.

Saturday lunch is provided.

10:00am-6:00pm both days
Please arrive no earlier than 9:30am
Admission: Saturday $25; $15 for dues-current WBL members. Sunday readings $30 per person.

Details Price Qty
Registrationshow details + $25.00 (USD)  
WBL Member Registrationshow details + $15.00 (USD)  

What is Afro-Cuban Orisha Worship?

Heaven & Hell wants you!

Cover of 2018 Edition of Heaven and Hell

Looking to contribute to the next issue of Heaven and Hell? The next volume will focus on Witchcraft and the intersection of Thelema and Witchcraft, but other contributions are welcome and encouraged. Materials should be submitted in rich text format, and will be accepted through June 30, 2019. Please email for details, or to contribute submissions. Feel free to also email for queries or to let us know about planned submissions.

Theme: The Intersection of Witchcraft and Thelema
Our focus for the 2019 issue will be on the Intersection of Thelema and Witchcraft. Submissions can be within this theme, related to elements of this theme, or not thematic at all.

Some Ideas for Thematic Submissions

  • Regarding the shared history, or shared practices or concepts between Thelema and modern witchcraft
  • Thelemic readings of traditional witchcraft practices and history
  • Thelemic varieties of Modern Witchcraft (Gardnerian, Hawk and Jackal, Parsons)
  • Witchcraft and traditional learned magic
  • Cunningfolk and ceremonial magic
  • Materials on witchcraft, historical, traditional, or modern

Ideas for Non-Thematic Submissions
essays, articles, poetry or artwork concerning:

  • Thelema
  • magic – modern or traditional
  • spirituality
  • sex/sexuality
  • mysticism
  • ideas of interest for Thelemites, Magicians, and Mystics

Please submit in Rich Text Format. Please avoid significant special formatting. Submissions should not have decorative artwork unless discussed prior but may contain artwork which illustrates the topics in the written work.

Submissions may be of any length. We are not worried about them being too long or too short. 

Authors retain all rights to their work but grant us permission to use It in this and any other print, electronic, or online editions of Heaven and Hell or other WBL publications. 

Infinite Stars Chapter of Rose Croix presents: How I Got Advanced to Fifth Degree – June 23


Please note that this event takes place at Azul Nox Oasis in scenic Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Hopefully you’ve read the Minerval Guide regarding “Eligibility and Advancement” in OTO, but what does someone actually DO with themselves to get advanced to the Lover’s Triad? What kinds of projects, services, and activities have contributed to people reaching “the natural stopping place?” Three Infinite Stars Chapter members will spend 30 minutes each sharing their stories about what they think happened (because some of us still aren’t sure!) to get them advanced to Fifth Degree.

2:00pm-3:30pm at the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg

Thelemic Rite of Dionysos – July 6

Dionysian revels

It’s madness I tell you! Pure and utter madness! Or just a wicked good time. Perhaps the closest you’ll come to attending bacchanalia, but with a modern sensibility. This ritual, wildly popular, and back by popular demand will invoke The God Who Comes. Dance, revel, drink flowing wine, and cry the names of Dionysos as you destroy the things which prevent success, happiness, and freedom within your life, and as we alchemically transform the bonds which enslave the spirit into the true symbol of freedom. If you’ve ever considered exploring dramatic ritual, this is a truly intense opportunity, if you’ve participated in rituals before, we’re sure you’ll find this one worth your time. Through dance, chanting, wine, and a bit of antinomian blasphemy we’ll breach the bounds of ecstasis. Wine and cakes will be served after the ritual. Your contributions of other treats are welcome!

Please arrive no earlier than 8:00pm and no later than 8:20pm
$20 admission; $5 for dues-current members; $5 additional discount for potluck contributions.

A Demon’s Sabbat, Celebrating Tobias’s Birth and His Successes – June 15

The altar of Tobias at William Blake Lodge

Over the time since the William Blake Lodge 25th Anniversary at which we conjured the Demon Doolas from the Book of the Offices of Spirits to provide our lodge with a familiar, we have worked well with Tobias, the demon familiar who was provided to us by Doolas. Tobias has been credited with helping us rebuild our environment and draw in truly excellent people. Tobias’s efforts are compensated with alcohol, incense, and a spirit home. For this ritual we will celebrate Tobias by bringing him into the temple and engaging him in a more freeform spirit ritual inspired by those supposed of the “other magicians” who practiced wilder more direct spirit magic than that of the learned conjurers. Join us for chanting, drinking, drumming and celebration. Bring alcohol to offer to Tobias or to share with your lodgemates.

Please arrive no earlier than 7:00pm and no later than 7:20pm.
$10 admission; free for dues-current WBL members.

EGC Training — March 23

a golden chalice

Tau Asteria presents policies and practices surrounding Liber XV, the Gnostic Mass. A vital training for aspiring clergy!

There is no charge for this event, but it is recommended only for those who have been baptized into Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica (E.G.C.) and who would like to learn more.

Please bring a snack or beverage to share!

2:00pm-5:00pm: Please arrive no earlier than 1:30pm and no later than 1:50pm.

Lee Harrington at William Blake Lodge – April 17-19, 2020

Photo of Lee Harrington

Three Days of Initiatory Experience with Author and Spiritual and Erotic Authenticity Educator Lee Harrington – April 17-19, 2020

Register now!

The elements and practices of Sacred Kink are boundless… Spiritual seekers, erotic explorers, and sexual kinksters alike are drawn to the power of alternate states of consciousness. During the course of this three day immersive intensive, we will explore the Eightfold Paths of Sacred Kink through hands-on practices, hearts-open exercises, and rituals of energetic engagement. This weekend experience is a chance to awake the skin, embrace our breath, arouse creativity, laugh loud, purge pain, and release rhythm. We will further develop our natural abilities in an intimate group setting, learning how others have been traversing their erotic journeys as well. Join internationally known sexuality and spirituality educator, author and shaman, Lee Harrington, as we journey into the shadows of our passion, descend into desire, face our fears, and find the touchstones of our erotic authenticity along the way. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or have never delved into the depths of adventurous sex and personal truth, this immersive experience will expand your own path of Sacred Kink.

Lee Harrington Speaking

About Lee Harrington

Lee Harrington is an internationally known spiritual and erotic authenticity educator, gender explorer, eclectic artist and award-winning author and editor on erotic and sacred experience. He’s been traveling the globe teaching and talking about sexuality, psychology, faith and desire, and believes you deserve passion and connection in your life. Lee has been a passion instigator, academic, adult film performer, world class sexual adventurer, outspoken philosopher, polytheist priest/ess, kink/bondage expert, and has been blogging about sex and spirit since 1998. You can check out Lee’s adventures, as well as his regular podcast, tour schedule, free essays, videos, and more, over at

Nonfiction Books by Lee Harrington

  • Queer Magic: Power Beyond Boundaries – Editor with Tai Fenix Kulystin
  • Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond – Author
  • Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Realities – Author
  • Shibari You Can Use: Japanese Rope Bondage and Erotic Macramé – Author
  • More Shibari You Can Use: Passionate Rope Bondage and Intimate Connection – Author
  • Playing Well With Others: Your Field Guide to Discovering, Exploring and Navigating the Kink, Leather and BDSM Communities – Author with the talented Mollena Williams

Register now!

Registration Note:  Please include an email so that you can receive the detailed questionnaire for the Intensive

Lupercalia Celebration – Mar 2

Sat. Mar. 2, 2019: Lupercalia Celebration ) 7:00pm Please arrive no earlier than 6:30pm and no later than 6:50pm.

Join us in celebrating this ancient Roman festival of purification and fertility, honoring Lupercus, the god of shepherds. Goat stew will be served. Please bring a dish to share at our potluck feast, and a request for cleansing and bounty.

$20 admission or $15 with a potluck contribution; $5 or a potluck contribution for dues-current members. 

Massapalooza 2018 (Open)

a gold chalice

Massapalooza: a Weekend of Fraternity and Gnosis!

Massapalooza 2018: A Weekend of Fraternity and Gnosis

A sacred chalice

Friday 10/19 – Sunday10/21, 2018

William Blake Lodge brings you another weekend-long Gnostic Mass marathon, with workshops, classes and meals! Join friends you’ve known for years, and ones you’ve yet to meet for a jam packed weekend of Masses, Classes and Workshops, framed in an environment of fraternal fun. Bring your friends, bring your lovers, bring your Brothers and Sisters and show us how you do Mass at your local body, learn how others do it in theirs, or team up with people from other bodies and experience doing the Gnostic Mass with a whole new team.

Early Registration (through Sep. 23, 2018): $40 per person; $35 for dues-current WBL members
Late Registration (Sep. 24 – Oct. 12, 2018): $50 per person; $40 for dues current WBL members
On site registration: $65 full weekend; $25 single day.

Schedule subject to revision as the date draws closer. Register today!


6:00pm Doors Open; snacks served
7:00pm Gnostic Mass
9:00pm Gnostic Mass or Workshop
11:00pm Gnostic Mass

9:00am Doors Open; breakfast served
10:00am Gnostic Mass
12:00pm Lunch
1:30pm Presentation: William Blake, Gnostic Saint
3:30pm Gnostic Mass
6:00pm Go out for dinner
9:00pm Gnostic Mass (Closed to 0°)
11:00pm Gnostic Mass  (Closed to 0°)

10:00am Doors Open; brunch served
11:00am Gnostic Mass
1:00pm Break
2:00pm Gnostic Mass
4:00pm Cleanup/Closing