Bathroom Prep Day Sun – 6 Oct, 2019 4–8:00 PM -

Event Fee:

·         Please bring:  Potluck dinner/drinks/snacks and labor to make the Lodge Massapalooza ready

Event Description:

The shower floor is laid and should be tiled before October 6, 2019.  We need 3 -4 people to assist with the greenboard and possibly other prep steps to make the bathroom company ready.  If we have extra hands there is usually other prep work as well.  

Main Goal:  Get the drywall hung and prepped to take marine paint or tile. 

Other work (If not accomplished in earlier work sessions):

·         Prepping the bathroom to take paint (sanding and spackling and sanding again as needed)

·         Touching up the paint on the brick wall

·         Washing the library floor

·         Sewing of new house robes

·      Alcohol: