Three Classes with Jason Miller

  • May 5, 2018
    10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Jason MillerMay 5, 2018
10:00am – 6:00pm; doors open at 9:30am.
Join Jason Miller at William Blake Lodge for three classes and lunch. Coffee, tea, and water will be available; soft drinks are available for a donation of $1 each.
$65 admission; $45 for dues-current WBL members.

Read Tarot Like A Fortune Teller, Not An Esoteric Twaddle Pusher.

All my life people told me that the Tarot deMarseilles was the most symbolically correct Tarot, but I avoided it. I avoided it because the art was plain. I avoided it because there were no helpful pictures on the pip cards, I avoided them because other decks seemed more filled with esoteric symbolism. I avoided it because despite them being what Tarot was for 300 years – no magicians read with them. I avoided them until a few years ago when I FINALLY learned to throw all that, and everything that came with the RWS and later English Tarots out the window. I stopped reading like an esoteric psychologist and started reading like a fortune teller.

This class is about how to read Tarot like the cartomantic system it is. How to see plain and specific patterns in the dance from one card to the next. I will cover why I switched to the Older Tarots and how the mysteries of the Tarot get obscured when weighed down with arcane symbols, runes, and cat people.

Best yet, by the end of this class you will be able to read the Tarot, even the pip cards, without that stupid little white book.

Spirits and Sensibility: A Sane Approach To Having Invisible Friends.

Last Fall Equinox marked 30 years since my first successful evocation. My methods have changed over the years that pact still stands and in the three decades since, spirits have been part of my daily life.

Unfortunately much of the discussion about spirits in the magical community is driven by extremes: go strictly by the book or exercise wild freedom, spirits are just parts of your brain or they are as ego bound and specific as we are, we must guard against any intrusion from spirits or we must accept what they say as gospel. I reject all of these extremes and prefer a sane approach that is has multiple levels of contact.

Leveling Up: How to Advance Your Craft and Stop Pissing About.

This talk is based on the 3rd part of my new book Elements of Spellcrafting. If you are attending this talk I assume you already know a good bit of magic and that it has worked out for you. It’s great that you performed a 2 hour evocation of Bune and then you found a money clip with $300 in it, but did it change your life? This chapter is about how to apply that magic to make a great difference in your life.

We will discuss how to judge success better than “did it work or not?” We will talk about working outside those 777 columns to embrace a full spectrum of what each power can do. We will talk about how to set a Trajectory for your life that is supported by magic, rather than using magic to clean up what is wrong.