Visiting WB OTO

William Blake OTO is located in the historic five-story red brick Cambridge Building, built in 1925 to house clothing manufacturing businesses. The building has become a thriving urban arts and small retail center housing 35 vibrant businesses including Winecream, A1 Jukebox, and Cedar and Cotton.

Our space is located in Carrollton Ridge, an ethnically diverse residential neighborhood of South Baltimore.

Access to the space:  you will want to call our number 443.863.9393 for admission, though a door warden is usually posted before major events.  Elevator service is usually available.

Parking: plentiful street parking is available nearby.   Over ten years we have had no serious issues with vehicle safety in the area, however the area is urban, and we will happily provide an escort to walk any attendees to their car after dark.

If you have disabilities:  let us know so that we can ensure that elevator service is available and give any special instructions necessary to ensure you are able to access one of the building’s two elevators.

Our Building: read more about the historic Cambridge Building.

Public Transportation:  the nearest general bus stop is at Wilkens Ave and Pulsaki Street.  We recommend using Google Maps to determine the most expedient schedule and route.

Rail/Uber: WB OTO can be reached from Camden MARC Station, or Baltimore Pennsylvania Station at a fare of $7-9 dollars.