Blake’s Koffee Klatsch: Dressing the EGC Roles of Deacon and Children (Open) – 10:00am Sun May 3, 2020

Brew your Koffee and let’s talk!  Blake’s Koffee Klatsch!  (queue cheesy talk show music)

Dressing the Deacon and the Children
If you haven’t studied the Gnostic Mass, you may not realize why the officers dress as they do.  If you haven’t attended mass at more than one body or watched it with different officers, you may not realize there isn’t a standard uniform.  This session will:
·         Examine what the guidance for dressing for Deacon and children are in Liber XV
·         Examine the history of dressing a “deacon” role in other traditions
·         Examine patterns for dressing the deacon and children roles
·         Patterns for some traditional pieces
Handouts will be provided with some basic patterns and instructions on how to assemble assorted pieces.

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