Cakes of Light Baking & Massapalooza Prep Day Sat – 28 Sep, 2019 10AM – 4PM

·        Please Bring:  Potluck lunch/drinks/snacks and labor to make the Lodge Massapalooza ready

Event Description: 

Massapalooza is a large event where the Mass and similar rituals are performed by various mass teams.  William Blake Lodge hosts guests during this time and it is an opportunity to put our best foot forward.  In order to prepare for the big day a number of large tasks need to be done.  Many hands make light work and there are tasks for all skill levels and energies.

Main Goal:  Bake Cakes of Light supply for numerous masses.  If you have personal Cake of Light baking needs, we can fold those in as well.  No Baking Experience needed!  We will teach.  We have recipes!  We will bake all of the needed glute free ones and then move to gluten containing cakes to avoid cross contamination.

Other work:  

·         Touching up the paint on the brick wall

·         Washing the library floor

·         Sewing of new house robes