Music and Ritual with Spooky Action at a Distance (Open) – May 4

Andrew and Justin from Spooky Action At A Distance discuss not just the use of music in ritual as a means of sensorial control, but also the creation of music AS ritual. We’ll be discussing and demonstrating the use of timbre, rhythm, and tone in assisting in manipulating the senses, how creating and manipulating music electronically can be a meditative exercise, and an examination of the attributions of musical notes with the paths on the Tree of Life.

After the lecture, Cleveland electronic band Spooky Action At A Distance will be bringing their act to William Blake Lodge for an evening of music and ritual! Using synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers, and samplers, members Andrew Lent and Justin Smith weave live, spontaneous soundtracks around narrator George Sulea’s words, from dark cyberpunk tales to poetic prose. Bring a beverage and/or snack to share, and get ready for a great party!

Please arrive no earlier than 6:30pm and no later than 6:55pm.
$20 admission; $5 for dues-current WBL members