Spring Cleaning – April 6 (Closed to 0°)


In preparation for the upcoming celebration of our new Minerval candidates, all those currently Minerval and above are invited to help give the kitchen a deep cleaning and inventory all the items in the kitchen.  If there are many hands this shouldn’t take too long.

Activities include:

  • Pulling it all out of the kitchen
  • Washing all the surfaces
  • Inventorying the items (there is some computer work)
  • Cleaning anything that needs cleaning (fridges will be their own day)
  • Putting it all back in an organized fashion
  • Labeling things
  • Washing the floor

Followed by:

  • Pulling out the equipment for the upcoming initiation
  • If there is time and energy there will be a walkthrough

What will be provided:

  • Lunch (probably pizza)
  • N95 masks
  • One size fits most nitrile gloves

We are only tackling the kitchen. We will tackle the fridges, rooms, and other spaces one by one on future dates.

This event is free. If you are so inclined, your contribution of beverages to share – especially soft drinks – is always welcome!