The Blood of Helios, August 31

In the world of Ancient Greece, witches were supernatural beings descended from Helios and taught by Hekate. Throughout the world and history societies have had explanations for witches based on their birth or based upon spirit contracts. In American folk traditions witches were sometimes a movement of lineal progression from ancestors to the folk devil. Our ritual will be exploring and executing on these themes by calling upon our ancestors to be with us, Hekate to guide us and Helios to join us sacramentally and imbue us and our future and past lineages with witchcraft.

Participants should wear black and bring black cloth for a head covering. We recommend that participants celebrate Hekates Deipnon during the days ahead of the rituals and also make offerings to connect with their ancestors. Participants planning to take the Helios sacrament must bring some token to represent and connect with their ancestors during the ritual. Participants taking the sacrament will need to either be able to expose their arms or their backs to have their ancestor names written in them. Please bring a list of ancestor names.

Doors open at 7:30.
$10 admission; free for dues-current WBL members.