Transformative Makeup – May 19

When you assume a godform, costume may not be required, but it can help you get into the right headspace. So, too, can transformative makeup. Learn from local drag performer and female impersonator extraordinaire Victoria Bohmore how you can become someone else with the proper use of contouring and color.

White Powder, Pink Powder, Sponges, Eye Lash Glue, make up removal products, and other special treats supplied by instructor. Students should supply most of their own make up for this class. Most of the items needed can be found at any Dollar Tree.

Victoria has noted the best place to purchase an item, below:

  1. BB Cream – This should match your skin tone – You can find a cheap version at the Dollar Store but you can also find this at any Wal-Mart or Drug Store. Any brand will do, as long as it matches your skin tone.
  2. AirSpun Base Powder/Coating Powder. This can be found at most WalMarts and should match your skin tone. I Recommend AirSpun Brand but any brand of coating or setting powder will do.
  3. A Generic Contour Palette. I have had good luck finding mine at Burlington Coat Factory and Five Below. Make sure that it has a dark brown, light brown in it. If you can find one with a rouge in it, that’s even better! Most, if you go to Five Below or Burlington Coat Factory are under $5.00. LA Colors is the most inexpensive and probably cheapest brand.
  4. NYX White Bucket – Cream White – This can be found at Walgreens or CVS, you can also find this anywhere NYX Cosmetics is Sold.
  5. Black Eye Liner Pencil – Any Brand – Not Gel or Liquid – Just Generic Black (Thick and/or Thin)
  6. Mascara for your Lashes & Fake Lashes if you are going to be wearing them. YOU STILL NEED MASCARA EVEN IF YOU ARE WEARING LASHES. I Suggest Size 301 Lashes which you can order anywhere online or you can also find size 199 lashes as any hair store.
  7. Eye Color Palette. – I recommend an LA Colors Palette or an Elf Palette. Make sure to have a dark color you would like to use for your eyes, and if the Palette has a black in it, even better.
  8. Brush Set – Make sure to have at least two thin to small brushes, two medium sized contour brushes (preferably one will be a flat brush and the other one rounded) and then a blending brush. Most Brushes can be found in a set at somewhere like WalMart or at the dollar store.
  9. Lip Stick – Choose your own color.
  10. An old towel and a personal mirror. Mirror doesn’t need to be anything special, a standard small mirror from the dollar store should work. Towel should be old and able to be stained.
  11. One question to ask yourself is how you would like to do your eyebrows. Will you be shaving them off and drawing them on? Will you be coloring them in with your natural color? Will you be covering them and then drawing new ones on?