Winter Solstice Potluck and Gift Exchange (Open) – 6:00pm Sun. Dec. 22, 2019

Join your siblings and friends to celebrate the return of the sun with a brief ceremony followed by a gift exchange and a potluck feast. Please bring a gift or less to place under our Solstice Tree! We’ll assign numbers to each gift, then you’ll draw a number from a hat to find out which gift you get to take home. You will have the opportunity to exchange the gift with someone else if that turns out to be desirable. The feast will be made up from potluck contributions, so please remember to bring a dish to share! If you aren’t sure what to bring, please email for suggestions.

Please arrive no earlier than 5:30pm and no later than 5:55pm. This event is free to everyone who brings a gift and a dish for the potluck.