You Are the Blood, A Dionysian Initiation – July 6

For several years William Blake Lodge has celebrated Redeeming the Redeemer, the first of three rituals in our Thelemic Rite of Dionysos. Several people have been yearning for further ways to connect to the God Who Comes, and so, like he does, we shall provide. For those interested in undergoing an initiation as a Flamen Dionyios here is your opportunity. Candidates will need to have a thin white robe which will be destroyed, and bring a large bottle of wine. Candidates will have to drink wine (grape juice can be available for those who can not have alcohol), eat fruit, and will be nude for part of the ritual. Please notify us if you are interested in participating as a candidate. Members and their guests who have been to previous Dionysos rituals are encouraged to attend even if they are not candidates for initiation; this is an initiation which occurs in front of and utilizes the Dionysian community.

Please arrive no earlier than 5:30pm and no later than 5:50pm.
Candidates: $15 admission; $5 for dues-current WBL members
Attendees: $5 admission; free for dues-current WBL members