Heaven & Hell wants you!

Cover of 2018 Edition of Heaven and Hell

Looking to contribute to the next issue of Heaven and Hell? The next volume will focus on Witchcraft and the intersection of Thelema and Witchcraft, but other contributions are welcome and encouraged. Materials should be submitted in rich text format, and will be accepted through June 30, 2019. Please email deputy@williamblakeoto.org for details, or to contribute submissions. Feel free to also email for queries or to let us know about planned submissions.

Theme: The Intersection of Witchcraft and Thelema
Our focus for the 2019 issue will be on the Intersection of Thelema and Witchcraft. Submissions can be within this theme, related to elements of this theme, or not thematic at all.

Some Ideas for Thematic Submissions

  • Regarding the shared history, or shared practices or concepts between Thelema and modern witchcraft
  • Thelemic readings of traditional witchcraft practices and history
  • Thelemic varieties of Modern Witchcraft (Gardnerian, Hawk and Jackal, Parsons)
  • Witchcraft and traditional learned magic
  • Cunningfolk and ceremonial magic
  • Materials on witchcraft, historical, traditional, or modern

Ideas for Non-Thematic Submissions
essays, articles, poetry or artwork concerning:

  • Thelema
  • magic – modern or traditional
  • spirituality
  • sex/sexuality
  • mysticism
  • ideas of interest for Thelemites, Magicians, and Mystics

Please submit in Rich Text Format. Please avoid significant special formatting. Submissions should not have decorative artwork unless discussed prior but may contain artwork which illustrates the topics in the written work.

Submissions may be of any length. We are not worried about them being too long or too short. 

Authors retain all rights to their work but grant us permission to use It in this and any other print, electronic, or online editions of Heaven and Hell or other WBL publications. 

Who was William Blake?

Our Lodge is named after artist, writer, poet & mystic, William Blake, whose work provides a legacy reminding us that the core concepts within Thelemic philosophy have been with us far longer than merely a century, and that some of its greatest proponents lived and died long before 1904 e.v.

The Gnostic Catholic Church or E.G.C., in fact, recognizes William Blake as a notable link in that historic chain transmitting the light of the gnosis throughout the ages, and has canonized him as a gnostic saint.