Sacred Smoke: Sun – 13 Oct, 2019 -

P lease arrive no earlier than 2:30pm and no later than 2:55pm.
Admission to this event is free.

Aromatherapist and long-time herbalist Amy Blackthorn’s Sacred Smoke: Clear Away Negative Energies and Purify Body, Mind, and Spirit is a clear and contemporary guide exploring the ritual use of smoke and scents to cleanse the energies of mind, body, and home. This book offers the essential tools for creating sacred space—a safe space free of negative energies—using herbs, incense, smoke, and other practices. In this presentation, Blackthorn demonstrates ways to get started on your practice of purification and cleansing, followed by Q&A and a book signing. Books and herbal tea will be available for sale.

Please note that the demo will include cleansing smoke, which may be prohibitive for people with uncontrolled respiratory disorders.

Facilitator: Sr. Atara