UTOS Service for the Spirits of Tenacity – Sat – 5 Oct, 2019

Please arrive no earlier than 3:00pm and no later than 3:30pm.
$15 admission

What to bring to a Universal Temple of Spirits Service:

The spirit you’d normally call upon for tenacity. We’ve had monotheists, polytheists, pluralists, and animists (yes, simultaneously) at our events. So long as they are willing, for the service at least, to play nice with others in a pantheistic setting, they are welcome. Also, this Spirit should have a name and/or a relationship with you and be someone you and others would actually want to meet.

  • A design for them (if you have none, meditate on this ahead of time, research it, or ask us)
  • A song for them (ditto)
  • A potluck dish/drinks to share, with a list of ingredients
  • Feel free to bring altar items and decorations, such as flowers, etc.
  • Drums, if you drum
  • A donation of $15